Q: Where can I download Cupid Memory App?

A: You can search Cupid Memory and Download it on Google Play or Apple App Store.


Q:How do I read the messages?

A: For the smartphone with NFC function:

      The message will show up automatically, after you switched on the NFC function under the settings menu and tapped your phone on the strap.


       For the smartphone without NFC function:

       You can scan the QR code printed on the strap.


Q: Where is the NFC sensor?

A: Normally the NFC senor is located at the center of the back of the phone or near the mobile brand LOGO, some smartphones contain the NFC icon on the back of the phone.

      Please browse the official website depends on your phone for more information.     


Q:What if there is no response when I tap my phone on the watch, even though I switched on the NFC function /I can’t find the NFC sensor on my phone?

A: Please make sure you tap your phone on Cupid logo, where the NFC chip is.


Q: How do I send messages to the cupid watch?

A: You can pair the watch with your mobile device, after downloaded the cupid memory app,

      Then you can edit or send the messages to your cupid watch.


Q:Can I keep the same account if I choose to replace the strap with a new one?

A:Yes, for the replacement of the strap, we can arrange a new strap with the same data if you can provide the certification number of the watch or show us the QR code on the strap.


Q:How do I send a Youtube Video to the watch?

A:You can copy the video link (URL) from youtube and paste it to the app or you can click the share button within the Youtube app.


Q:What video could I send to the watch?

A:You can use your own video or directly record a video in our app, also you can share a video through Youtube. The length of the video is limited to 60 seconds.


Q:How do I share a location?

A: You can make a place in Google Map App, click the share button and select our Cupid Memory app.


Q: What if I cannot find the Cupid Memory app icon in the share list of Youtube?                                                                                                                                         

A: You can click “More” and select Cupid Memory app.


Q:How can I review the current content inside the paired watch?

A: You can click the preview button in the app, then you can review the content in paired watch.